Digital Artist Portfolio

This portfolio showcases digital art that I have created, mostly involving textile visualization and production. It consists of Mock-Ups for garments, products and props, 3D visualizations of garments, and those designs translated into 2D print files.

3D Visualization of Garments

Garments I built production templates for, then used the pattern pieces for a simulated 3D rendering of the item. Click image to view a turntable, click and drag to rotate.

Dye-Sublimation Apparel

Pictures of uniforms I helped develop. On the top is a style I created by modifying a top with a mock neck by extending the back and changing the shape. Then the art was created by the art team and then I made print files and printed the fabric with sublimation-dye technology on machines running color profiles I built. The uniform on the bottom is one I designed to customers specifications and manged print and transfer for that fabric as well.

Shirt Design and Production

Shirts and tanks with sublimation dyed on graphics that I designed and produced.

3D Prop Visualization and Print Proof

Let’s build something together.

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