Barren World Scouting Base (Working title)

Taken some time off to move some of my stuff across state for when my lease is up later this summer but I’m about to get back to work.  I added some pipes to break up the bottom portion and make it and the silhouette more interesting.  I also got the door texture a bit better.  I think I’m going to add lights along where the doors split to emphasize the shapes of the doors.  Every time I go into substance designer I learn more about it, get a better result and find myself having to update older textures that I feel like look bad next to the new one.  But thats okay.  I’m wokring on the outriggers next and then the buildings.  Then I just need to fix the terrain and I think this scene will be done!


Author: jonathanhickson

artist: 3D modeling and animation, video game designer

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