Space Environment

I started this new environment project about a week ago.  Its a off world research base designed for barren planets and moons. It is created mainly with basic geometry and made a tiling texture and trim texture.  I am still a beginner with substance designer but I manged to make a decent texture and exposed some elements like the color and amount of paint.  Then I also made the first trim sheet (which was a first for me).  I learned a lot, including more efficient UV layouts for game environments. I had not ever used any UV space outside of the 0,1 quadrant, or ever used trim sheets to texture before.  It was interesting making nice square uv layouts and stretching them to make the texel density look right. So then I made some assets to break up the repetitive of each modular piece of the main base, made a smart material in substance painter as a solid base and added some extra stuff on top for extra variation.  All the while I’m making sure it all looks okay in UE4, but right now the extra assets are at a standard size and at the origin for baking good normal maps. They will eventually be placed at the appropriate scale and rotation in Maya. Then I can export each modular piece grouped with the extra panels and give it an additional texturing pass in substance painter.  Each piece of the base has its pivot point at the origin so I can tile pieces by rotating.  I still have some satellite dishes and more complicated assets in the works and I will make a terrain textured with substance designer and custom sky in Unreal (which is definitely going to be new, but fun).  It’ll be a lot of new stuff for me to learn about creating game environments but I’m excited and hope it’ll be a strong portfolio piece.

Author: jonathanhickson

Digital Artist: 3D and 2D art for any platforms specializing in print media and 3D Environment Art for games

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