Treasure Room Update

updates for my treasure room project.  I’ve gotten all of the base meshes done and just have to finish all the high poly meshes and texture them.  The top three images are rendered out of Maya’s hardware renderer with stingray pbs shaders.  It was the most streamlined way I’ve found to demo PBR texture maps in Maya.  The bottom is a screenshot from unreal engine.  It works okay but the reflections and shadows need work.  We’ll see if it will be useful for the final demo.  Still working on the lighting in UE4 but I figured I’d get the models finished first, hence the demos from Maya (I already know Maya pretty well).  Not to much left on this project.  Hopefully I can get a good final pass-through with Maya using either hardware renderer or the new Arnold renderer, although I have to find a shader that supports the PBR maps and is readable by Arnold.  But it will render in UE4 no problem.

Author: jonathanhickson

Digital Artist: 3D and 2D art for any platforms specializing in print media and 3D Environment Art for games

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