Knight Update

Got more progress on my knight, still working but I want to get this up now while I break to eat dinner.  I’ve done a lot of experimenting with my workflow in zbrush with this project so I’ve redone some pieces and its taken longer but it was worth it to learn the most efficient workflow.  Found the best method to be either duplicating the body dummy in large parts or masking and extracting for smaller parts.  Used dynamesh and zremesher to clean up the extracted subtool and built up basic shapes.  Last I created a chain mail shirt under the chest plate.  I used the rings in zbrush to make a basic layer of chain mail, saved the image as an alpha, trimmed it to a tillable image in photoshop and used that alpha with surface noise in zbrush on the shirt.  I also used UV master to create the uvs of the shirt.  I’ve never used the surface generator or created an alpha from zbrush, and my usual workflow for UVs is either UV Layout or Maya so I learned a good bit this week.  I still need to sculpt the pants, fix the armor at the waist where it is mirrored subtools overlapping and then create all the straps the secures the armor in place.  After that I will make clean topology of all the dynameshed subtools with zremesher and finish the sculpt by adding the high poly detail.



Author: jonathanhickson

Digital Artist: 3D and 2D art for any platforms specializing in print media and 3D Environment Art for games

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