Sculpt of the knight character I’m currently working on, this is the progress as of Saturday the 21st, I just wasn’t home to post it.  I think in about another week, in my spare time, I’ll have finished roughing out the shape and can make some nice clean pieces of armor and add the high detail.  Right now I’m just using dynasmesh in zbrush on duplicate body parts and subtools I’ve made using the extract function, to make the shapes and forms, keeping an eye on the outline by switching the main color to black.  The body is a basic human dummy model I made a while back.  I still need to finish the armor on the legs, shoulders and arms.  After that I plan on using zremesher to lay out an even clean topology, with nice hard edges before adding the high quality detail and then retopologizing to create the low poly counterpart afterwards.

Author: jonathanhickson

Digital Artist: 3D and 2D art for any platforms specializing in print media and 3D Environment Art for games

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